Zagori workshop and tour

Zagori Photography Tours & Workshops

Tours/Workshops Prices
Group (scheduled): 50€/person
Private for 1-2 people: 150€/person
Private for 3 people and more: 120€/person
Special price for couples: 270€

For information on our next scheduled Group tour in Zagori, please visit

 Maximum number of participants is 12. Scheduled group events require a minimum number of at least 4 participants.
Accompanied children, age 14 years or under are welcome free of charge in the tours
but they may have to be transported by their own family vehicles.
Non-photographer companion guests of participating photographers

can attend with a 50 euros fee for Private Tours/Workshops, or for 20 euros for Scheduled Group Tours/Workshops.

Due to current safety measures, participants need to be transported using their own vehicles.

About Zagori

Zagori is one of the most photogenic places in Greece and Europe. With its unique terrain, wide range of altitude (from 400 to almost 2500 meters above sea level), exceptional biodiversity and magnificent architectural heritage, the photographic exploration of Zagori’s 1000 km2 could take a lifetime. For more information on the area, please visit,
an online guide created and run by the photographer.

The photographer

Photographer Costas Zissis offers private or group workshops in this majestic landscape he researched extensively over many decades. Costas is Zagori born and he has lived and photographed Zagori for more than 30 years. He self-published postcards of the area over many years as well as the photography hard cover book  ZAGORI in  2006, a collection of some of the best iconic landmarks of the place, captured on film. He also had his photography work on the area published in numerous major Greek and international printed and online media and did as well numerous photography exhibitions in Greece and Switzerland. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and photography is his main profession. With his extensive local knowledge and years long experience, Costas will take you to locations and secret spots that provide ideal photo opportunities for you to capture the beauty of this varied and wonderful landscape.

Some information for participants

The photography workshops or photography tours -you can call it your preferred way, depending on your personal special approach to photography- are aimed at visitors with any level of photography knowledge and experience. For best results, guests are recommended to use a camera with manual settings and RAW format capabilities, DSLR or Mirrorless ILC. However, this is not essential, as modern smartphones, with or without  lens accessories, offer some advanced photographic capabilities. Carrying a tripod is also recommended, as it will help guests to create better quality images, especially when using long lenses or shooting in low light and at the same time allows higher control over framing and composition.

Programs offered

Two different daily tours are mostly available but customized ones are possible too:
Itinerary #1. Focuses primarily on nature and the landscape in West Zagori. The tour starts at the village of Vikos, where the entrance and the deepest part of the Vikos Gorge can be viewed. Then we continue alongside the emerald Voidomatis River. From there, the tour will go on to the village of Papingo to capture its scenic landscape and picturesque architecture.
Itinerary #2. We capture the architectural heritage in Central Zagori, the stone bridges around the village of Kipi and the well preserved villages of Dilofo and Vitsa.

Each tour lasts five hours and includes transfers, starting from any Zagori village. Tours include short walks or hikes over easy walking terrain to selected locations with the best views and photo opportunities. All tours are guided by Costas Zissis who will be happy to share his local knowledge and offer expert advice on photographic topics. Depending on the weather, some elements of the tours may change.

All workshops include an optional evening gathering on every day basis at the hotel for a group reviewing of the photographs taken by guests during the tour and an open discussion about photography, mostly on shooting and processing.

Some compact collections of photographer’s work in the area are presented in the following galleries:
Zagori, Nature, River & Wildflowers