Photography Workshops & Tours

Costas Zissis offers Photography Workshops & Tours
in mainland and coastal areas of Greece
he personally explored and photographed extensively over many years.


We have designed two basic 5-hour programs in the area, seen in detail here.
To book your seat in one of our Zagori programs or to request a customized tour or workshop,
please contact us at

For more information, please visit our Zagori Workshops details page.
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For information about Zagori, please see,
an online guide created and run by photographer Costas Zissis.

Photography Workshops & Tours in Sivota, Epirus, Greece

Coastal Epirus

The Workshops & Tours in Coastal Epirus are taking place in and around the towns
of Parga and Sivota.
The area has a long coastal line of idyllic beaches, little islands and emerald waters,
an ideal playground for landscape photography from April to late October.

Photography Workshops & Tours in Lefkada, Greece

Lefkada island

The Workshops & Tours in Lefkada island are organized in the most idyllic locations
of this Ionian island as well as in its capital, Lefkas town.
Lefkada and it’s satellite little islands were the home of some of the greatest modern Greek poets.
Not a coincidence, given the place’s unique beauty and natural charm.

Photography Workshops & Tours in Euboea, Greece

Euboea island

The Workshops & Tours in Euboea are organized in some of the most scenic locations
of this second largest island in Greece. Among them, the scenic Mt. Ochi
in the Southern part and the magnificent East side, Aegean Sea beaches.

To book your seat in one of our Zagori programs
or to request a customized tour or workshop in the last three sea areas,
please contact us using this website’s contact form.
The cost per participant for our existing programs is ranging from 120 euros
per participant in a three or more persons group,
up to 150 euros per participant on a two person group.
Customized or private workshops & tours costs are arranged under agreement.